V-SMART GROUP is a leading innovator in the field of metallurgical analytical equipments and sensors in India. We specialize in providing end-to-end measurement solutions for metal producing & processing industry and also take up specialist consulting assignments in yield improvement and Best Practices.


Core Values

  1. Value addition through innovation and resourcing right technology.
  2. Continuous up gradation of knowledge, technology.
  3. Humanity first, then profits.
  4. Organization beore self.

Core Purpose:

Our purpose is to provide right technology deliver of Innovation, world class products, services of exceptional value too our customers in turn to achieve thier quality goals. Read More...


Our Product Range

Thermal Analysis Systems for Molten Iron
Thermal Analysis Test Cups
Temperature Measuring Instruments for Molten Metal
Sensor and Samplers for Molten Metal
Auxiliary displays for spectrometer, temperature indicator, thermal analysis systems, Carbon sulphur analyser etc.
Customise software & hardware for process management systems
Infrared Non- contact Temperature Measurement
Temperature Profiling Systems for Products & Furnaces
Casting Simulation Software
Real Time Industrial X Ray Radioscopic Inspection equipments for castings
Hydrogen Measuring Devices
Portable HH XRF Analysers for scrap sorting & PMI
Inspection Systems for Aluminium profiles
Spectrometer Standard Samples
Complete Solutions for Metal Industry Processes Control
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