This company has two divisions namely Instrumentation division & Sensor division. We manufacture equipments & sensor for measurement & control of molten metal. We manufacture Thermal Analysis system for molten iron, Iron & Steel, Carbon Silicon Analyser, Immersion Temperature Pyrometers for molten metal, disposable thermal analysis cups measuring %CEL (CE), %C and %Si , Tellurium & non tellurium coated cups, Expandable Thermocouple Tips and Immersion Samplers.

This company is involved in designing, Manufacturing of IT based process information display systems, Remote Display for Spectrometer & Carbon Sulphur Apparatus, Melt Control software for foundries & steel Plants.

AnyCasting Co., Ltd.

AnyCasting Co.Ltd. is a company that develops and sells simulation software for material processing and also offers consulting services.

Advance Casting Simulation Software for Sand Mould Casting, Investment Casting (Lost Wax) Centrifugal Casting, Metal Mould Casting, Gravity Tilt Pour Casting, HPDC High Pressure Die Casting, LPDC Low Pressure Die Casting, Squeeze Casting, Vacuum Die Casting Continuous Casting : Billet/ Bloom/ Slab CC of Steel/ Al etc.


Bosello High Technology S.R.L Italy was formed in 1962 and today it is one of world’s leading manufacturers of Industrial X –Ray Inspection systems for NDT Controls.

Bosello is able to offer equipments for automotive, aeronautical, military, food and medical inspections.

Bosello High Technology S.r.l. is organized into engineering, manufacturing, sales/marketing and administrative departments. Its systems range from manual inspection equipment to fully automated machines that include automatic defect recognition.

Feinmechanik & Elektronik AG Fürstentum Liechtenstein

FMA is engaged in manufacturing Hydrogen measurement in Molten Aluminium based on the first gas bubble principle of Y. Dardel. Density samples are used for measuring the density index which is a well known indicator for the purity of metals. The dross test is used to determine non metallic contaminations (oxides). Straube-Pfeiffer test is used to ascertain inclusions.

Optris – Non-contact temperature measurement made in Germany

Optris has been developing and manufacturing innovative infrared measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement,including handheld thermometers, stationary industrial thermometers, and infrared cameras for point and area measurement, for more than 10 years. Our comprehensive product portfolio comprises infrared measurement devices for different industrial applications as well as research & development. Along with our free thermal analysis software, our measurement devices enable constant monitoring and control of virtually every manufacturing process, and reductions in production costs through specific process optimization.

Phoenix TM - Temperature Profiling Systems for Heat Treatment Processes.

PhoenixTM designs and manufactures temperature profiling systems for industrial heat treatment processes such as aluminium and steel heat treatment, steel slab re-heat, glass annealing, windscreen bending, ceramic firing, wet paint curing and powder coat curing. Measuring the temperature profile of products through these processes is achieved by attaching thermocouples to the product, connecting these probes to a Data Logger, and by protecting the Data Logger with a Thermal Barrier, the whole system can travel through the heat treatment process together with the product. In this way the true product temperature is monitored and stored for later analysis.

Romidot Ltd.

Aluminium extrusion Profile Inspection System. Inspection machine designed for harsh environment in production areas. Very user-friendly and requires no special skills. Romidot technology of High Accuracy, camera based, intelligent inspection systems sets high speed performance levels in the Profile Inspection.

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