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Real Time

Real Time

SMART LAB along with our Real Time Software is a Advance thermal Analysis System, which allows cast iron producers to understand and control their molten metal process. Connectivity between your computer and our SMART LAB provides great flexibility and versatility.

SMART LAB consists of 4 - digit 2" LED displays & indicating lamps to show measured & calculated values together with measurement sequences. The cooling curve for desired mode can be displayed on inbuilt TFT color Monitor along with measured & calculated values. All these curves & values are stored in Hard disk of your computer. You may retrieve this stored information as & when required for your case study. You can make your own templates of good cooling curve item wise.

You can keep your computer in laboratory & our standalone SMARTLAB (Real Time) along with keyboard & Mouse on Melting Platform. Thus you can operate software on melting Platform as well as in laboratory. 


On line determination of CE, %C, %Si, Degree of saturation, Recalesence, Under cool Temperature along with Cooling Curve storage.

  • Inbuilt 21" TFT color Monitor
  • Item wise Charge composition storage & calculation of charge correction with alloy addition.
  • Inoculation deciding factor measures effectiveness of inoculation in Grey Iron.
  • Prediction of microstructure by graphite distribution of Grey Iron.
  • Nodularity, Nodule Count, Shrinkage Tendency prior to Casting.
  • Measurement of ECC (Eutectic Cell Count)
  • Prediction of Tensile Strength, Brinell Hardness for unalloyed Grey Iron.
  • SPC charts like X control chart, MR Chart, Histogram etc…

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