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Smart Port BP

Smart Port BP

Smart Port is the immersion type temperature measurement equipment series designed for molten metals. It consist of a special electronic hardware and SMART LOGIC software which automatically corrects errors introduced due to derating/ageing effect of electronic components, in turn ensures long-term consistency in accuracy of measurement. Plateau Detection Technique is used for accurate molten metal temperature measurement. The microprocessor controlled electronics is housed in sturdy enclosure to suit foundry/steel plant conditions. Separate models are available for ferrous and nonferrous molten metal temperature measurement.

An immersion type portable battery operated temperature measuring system for any molten metal.
  • Handy, light Weight and compact
  • Automatic Power-Off function 
  • Battery Voltage status display
  • Measures the temperature by contact type thermocouple
  • Measures temperature within 3-8 seconds
  • For temperature measurement of molten Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, etc
  • Standard memory of 500 reading (optionally memory can be extended) 

  • Plateau detection technique for accurate temperature measurement
  • Intelligent Self Calibration
  • Memory with PC software

System includes
  • Smart Port BP
- Portable pyrometer with memory and PC connectivity
- For Ferrous metal
  Temperature Range : 500 to 1750 °C
  Type "S" Pt v/s Pt 10% Rh or
  Type "R" Pt v/s Pt 13% Rh
  For Nonferrous metal
  Temperature Range : 300 to 1250 °C
  Type "K" Chromel Alumel

  • Temperature Sensors : As per application

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