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Wall mountable Immersion Pyrometer with two inch display Smart Port M2

Wall mountable Immersion Pyrometer with two inch display Smart Port M2

Smart Port is the immersion type temperature measurement equipment series designed for molten metals. It consist of a special electronic hardware and SMART LOGIC software which automatically corrects errors introduced due to derating/ageing effect of electronic components, in turn ensures long-term consistency in accuracy of measurement. Plateau Detection Technique is used for accurate molten metal temperature measurement. The microprocessor controlled electronics is housed in sturdy enclosure to suit foundry/steel plant conditions. Separate models are available for ferrous and nonferrous molten metal temperature measurement. 

An immersion type wall mountable temperature measuring system for any molten metal.
  • 230 V AC 50 Hz operated wall mountable
  • 4 digit 7 segment 2 inch digit height LED display
  • Measures the temperature by contact type thermocouple
  • Measures temperature within 3-8 seconds
  • Relay contact made available to blow hooter. This helps the operator to know proper tip connection & end of temperature measurement
  • Heat number entry with Real Time clock calendar
  • Keeps 1000 readings in memory
  • For temperature measurement of molten Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, etc
  • Plateau detection technique for accurate temperature measurement
  • ±1°C / °F Accuracy to avoid Hot pouring and cold pouring
  • Intelligent Self Calibration
  • Zero maintenance
  • No need of frequent calibration
  • 16 bit A/D converter and Microprocessor circuitry ensures accuracy and repeatability

System includes
  • Smart Port M2
- Pyrometer with 2 inch digit height display
- For Ferrous metal
  Temperature Range : 500 to 1750 °C
  Type "S" Pt v/s Pt 10% Rh or
  Type "R" Pt v/s Pt 13% Rh
  For Nonferrous metal
  Temperature Range : 300 to 1250 °C
  Type "K" Chromel Alumel

  • Connectivity to dot matrix printer or computer via serial port
  • BCD output for PLC/DCS. 
  • Temperature Sensors : As per application

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