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Wall mountable Immersion Pyrometer with four inch display Smart Port M4

Wall mountable Immersion Pyrometer with four inch display Smart Port M4

SMARTPORT M-4: It is a micro-controller based immersion pyrometer for molten metal temperature measurement, having unique special feature of auto self-calibration. It means that the instrument automatically correct the errors generated because of derating/ageing of electronic components, hence we give 100% guarantee that the accuracy of instrument will be maintained throughout year without need of calibration.

SMART PORT M-4 is having four-inch digit height LED module display for better & clear long distance visibility. Because of this distinct advantage you don't need any additional auxiliary display on same shop floor. With 4-inch display, every person on the shop floor becomes aware of the pouring temperature.
  • 230 V AC 50 Hz operated wall mountable
  • 4 digit 7 segment 4 inch digit height LED display
  • Measures the temperature by contact type thermocouple
  • Measures temperature within 3-8 seconds
  • Relay contact made available to blow hooter. This helps the operator to know proper tip connection & end of temperature measurement
  • Heat number entry with Real Time clock calendar
  • Keeps 1000 readings in memory
  • For temperature measurement of molten Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, etc

  • Plateau detection technique for accurate temperature measurement
  • ±1°C / °F Accuracy to avoid Hot pouring and cold pouring
  • Intelligent Self Calibration
  • Zero maintenance
  • No need of frequent calibration
  • 16 bit A/D converter and Microprocessor circuitry ensures accuracy and repeatability

System includes
  • Smart Port M4
- Pyrometer with 4 inch digit height display
- For Ferrous metal
  Temperature Range : 500 to 1750 °C
  Type "S" Pt v/s Pt 10% Rh or
  Type "R" Pt v/s Pt 13% Rh
  For Nonferrous metal
  Temperature Range : 300 to 1250 °C
  Type "K" Chromel Alumel

  • Connectivity to dot matrix printer or computer via serial port
  • BCD output for PLC/DCS. 
  • Temperature Sensors : As per application

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