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Wireless Immersion Pyrometer Smart Port WLL

Wireless Immersion Pyrometer Smart Port WLL

Smart Port is the immersion type temperature measurement equipment series designed for molten metals. It consist of a special electronic hardware and SMART LOGIC software which automatically corrects errors introduced due to derating/ageing effect of electronic components, in turn ensures long-term consistency in accuracy of measurement. Plateau Detection Technique is used for accurate molten metal temperature measurement. The microprocessor controlled electronics is housed in sturdy enclosure to suit foundry/steel plant conditions. Separate models are available for ferrous and nonferrous molten metal temperature measurement. 

An immersion type portable battery operated temperature measuring system for any molten metal with wireless additional large display.
Handy, light Weight and compact
Automatic Power-Off function
Battery Voltage status display
Measures the temperature by contact type thermocouple
Measures temperature within 3-8 seconds
The measured temperature on the portable pyrometer will be transmitted to additional large display via wireless communication
For temperature measurement of molten Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, etc  

  • Plateau detection technique for accurate temperature measurement
  • Intelligent Self Calibration
  • Local display of temperature on portable pyrometer
  • Additional remote 4 inch height large display unit for temperature
  • No long compensating cable from Lance to the pyrometer
  • Eliminates wiring cost
  • Eliminates downtime caused by breaking or burning or shorting problem of wires

System includes
  • Smart Port B WLL
- Portable pyrometer with local display
- With wireless transmitter
- For Ferrous metal
  Temperature Range : 500 to 1750 °C
  Type "S" Pt v/s Pt 10% Rh or
  Type "R" Pt v/s Pt 13% Rh
  For Nonferrous metal
  Temperature Range : 300 to 1250 °C
  Type "K" Chromel Alumel

  • Smart LDU-WLL 
- Large Display Unit to display the temperature readings
- with wireless receiver
- 4 digit seven segment 4 inch height LED display
- mounted on a wall or in a panel
- Operates on mains 230 V AC, 50 Hz

  • Online Interface: This interface will facilitate you to connect your computer to see & record the reading
  • Off line Interface: In this mode the Smart Port-BP stores the temperature reading along with date, time & heat-number in memory (500 Readings) & you can transfer this stored data as & when required to your computer via RS232 serial interface
  • Temperature Sensors : As per application

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