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Expendable Immersion Thermocouples for measurement of molten metal temperature with slag.

Immersion thermocouples are the most economical and effective way to measure liquid metal temperature with the highest accuracy, reproducibility and reliability. Expendable thermocouples are easy to use and require no special skill. They are available in various types to meet the specific requirements of different applications. 

V-SMART thermocouples are available in following calibrations according to standards based on the IPTS 68/90 temperature scale: 

Pt 10 % Rh / Pt (type S), temperature range: - 50 to 1750°C
Pt 13 % Rh / Pt (type R), temperature range: - 50 to 1750°C
Pt 30 % Rh / Pt 6 % Rh (type B), temperature range: 0 to 1820°C

The thermocouple wires are rigorously selected in order to guarantee and accuracy of 0 to ±1.5°C at 1554°C (Pd melting point).

  • Measuring time: 3 to 8 seconds
  • Maximum immersion time : 8 seconds
  • Available in a variety of immersion tube lengths and connector diameters.
  • Available with steel/aluminum/copper protective cap
  • Diameter of protective cardboard tube:
    For Mini and Mark 7 Inner: 18 mm, Outer: 32 mm
    For Mark 3 Inner: 28 mm, Outer: 40 mm                     

Thermocouple butt weld with a small weld knot at the junction for faster response. Thermocouple wire is matched, certified and thoroughly source inspected in addition to being cleaned, annealed. Quartz tube protects the thermocouple is of the highest quality.Accurately controlled for optimum wall thickness and diameter to permit fast response, Refractory cement, Pre-formed lead wire machined formed for uniform fitting with the receptacle contact rings. No sharp edges anywhere on their surfaces. End of each wire is recessed below the surface of the plug to prevent damage to the lance receptacle on withdrawal.

Heat shielding plastic body protects thermocouple junction.
Precision moulded body is designed to protect burning or melting during the measuring cycle. Also provides a well for the heat-resistant refractory cement, which protects the thermocouple cold junction.

Exclusive paper tube increased burn-out protection with reduced weight advantage minimises lance maintenance. Exhaustive selected combination of paper, wrap, and adhesive

SSD-MINI: Consists of Contact Block type MINI.
Tips are available in different lengths having ID 18 mm and OD 32 mm.
SSD-VII: Consists of Contact Block type VII.
Tips are available in different lengths having ID 18 mm and OD 32 mm
SSD-III: Consists of Contact Block type III.
Tips are available in different lengths having ID 28 mm and OD 40 mm

  • Packing: 50 tips per box weight:
  • dimention          

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