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SMD 45 is a sensor to measure temperature of molten metal.

Designed for multiple dips in slag free molten metal where only the quartz tube is immersed. It consists of a Pt/Pt-Rh thermocouple in an extra long quartz protection tube, cemented in a ceramic housing, and fitted with a special high temperature connector assuring complete contact even after a number of dips. 

This sensor can be used for 8-12 times

Depending on the intervals between successive immersions and the metal temperature, the number of measurements may vary.
Available in standard IPTS 68 and IPTS 90 calibrations with different Thermocouple types:
No sputtering and spilling 
Ideal for induction furnace and ladles
Tube length: 70mm Ceramic tube 
More number of readings per thermocouple tip results in savings
Decreased 'burn-out' problems of contact block/ receptacle
Increased operator protection
Light weight and small size saves packing, freight and storage cost
Measuring time: 3 to 12 seconds
Maximum immersion time : 8 seconds at 1650°C
Contact block - Mini / Mark VII 

For Ferrous /Non Ferrous metal
Temperature Range : 500 to 1750 °C
Type "S" - Pt v/s Pt 10% Rh
Type "R" - Pt v/s Pt 13% Rh
For Nonferrous metal
Temperature Range : 300 to 1250 °C
Type "K" Chromel Alumel


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