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Customize software & hardware for process management systems

Customize software & hardware for process management systems

Smart Central Monitoring System is specially designed for Foundry Managers to see the results obtained by various test & measuring equipments like Spectrometer, Microscope, Weighing Scale, Universal Testing Machine, Thermal Analysis System (Carbon Silicon Analyser), Molten Metal Temperature Measuring System available in the foundry on a single computer. This system consists of special software & various interfacing units suitable (compatible) to connect to test/measuring machines which capture the results & transmit the same to central monitoring (computer) system. Thus your central computer will accept the data from various testing equipments using our software. This system can be implemented at any foundry, if end result data is available in the form of electrical output from respective testing equipments.

Most of the foundries are well equipped with various tests measuring equipments & having latest technology of computer networking. But all these various equipments are of different make and with proprietary protocols, with various standards, with various data interfacing options. Hence even advance computer networks are unable to directly accept data from such equipments. This leads to manual data entry, higher manpower cost, scope for human error and in some cases unavailability of skilled manpower. The information is at times incomplete, isolate and deficient for qualitative use, which may lead to inefficient use of the equipments. In-short online data is not available. Data is stored in different files at different location; difficult to correlate hence is of no use to take corrective action in time.

Central Monitoring System serves today's need of quality system by providing online data from various testing equipments to the computer. Thus all the records will be maintained in a single computer & real time data will be available at any time along with previous old data. Software can generate Heat wise, Item wise, Date wise, Period wise reports for all parameters. It also consists of SPC reports (i.e. X - Charts, MR - Charts, Histogram etc.) facility for all the parameters displayed on the screen. These reports will facilitate not only in finding problem areas but also optimizing the processes. This will lead to effective use of each and all equipment in use.

We manufacture special hardware/ software interfaces for any make of any instrument, provided end data should be available in electrical / electronic form. It may be in any format, any type of interface for example RS232, RS485, Centronics port, analog/ digital currentloop, 4-20mA, BCD etc. We can transfer this data to remote central computer via RS232, RS485, Centronics port, Internet, Intranet, through SMS (Mobile), email, wireless, auxiliary display systems etc.

  • Provision of audiovisual alert indication as per requirement.
  • Real Time software with SPC charts.
  • Connectivity or alerts on internet / intranet / mobile
  • Data from Spectrometer and its Remote Display, Microscope, Weighing Scale, Universal Testing Machine, Thermal Analysis System (Carbon Silicon Analyser), Molten Metal Temperature Measuring System
  • Spectrometer Data such as Element Chemistry along with heat and batch no.
  • Reports of Image Analysis software.
  • Connectivity of Weighing Scale such as weight of liquid metal transferred from Melting Furnace to Holding Furnace or Pouring Station.
  • Universal Testing Machine such Tensile Strength and Hardness Tests.
  • Energy meter monitoring and data analysis.

Smart Timer

POURING CYCLE TIMER is specially designed for foundry shop floor workmen to complete the pouring cycle with in specified time period. As the display is always in front of work men eyes, the productivity is increased due to pouring liquid metal in to more number of moulds in specified time period. TIMER consists of 3 digit 4 inch height LED display to show the current count.

These Timers can be used typically in S.G. Iron foundry. In every S.G. iron foundry, it is essential that the Magnesium treated liquid metal should be poured into moulds within a specific time period. If the Magnesium treated liquid metal is not poured with in specified time period then, the foundry man will not get the desired results.

In case of GREY IRON FOUNDRY, the pouring of liquid metal should be stopped once the metal temperature drops to certain value. 

This Timer is very easy to use, Firstly enter the time in seconds with keys provided on the front panel. Now press the start Button, counting in a reverse fashion will start like from 600,599,598,597…

During this down counting process, a revolving indicating lamp remains OFF. As soon as the specified time period is over, the revolving Lamp switches ON and a hooter is blown to inform the pouring workmen to stop the pouring.

Thus a foundry man can increase profitability by avoiding rejection of castings due to low temperature liquid metal pouring in to moulds, faded Mg liquid metal pouring in to moulds.


  • Timer consists of 3 digits; 4-inch digit height 7-segment bright LED display to indicate how much time period is left to complete the pouring.
  • Keypad Provided to enter time in seconds. 
  • Revolving light to indicate that the pouring is Completed. 
  • Hooter to indicate end of specified time period.


  • Up-counting timer also can be provided.
  • Automatic Printing facility of start time, end time & time period elapsed after completion of every pouring cycle.


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