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Casting Simulation Software

Casting Simulation Software

Advance Casting Simulation Software for Sand Mould Casting, Investment Casting (Lost Wax) Centrifugal Casting, Metal Mould Casting, Gravity Tilt Pour Casting, HPDC High Pressure Die Casting, LPDC Low Pressure Die Casting, Squeeze Casting, Vacuum Die Casting Continuous Casting : Billet/ Bloom/ Slab CC of Steel/ Al etc.

Using computer simulation you can predict casting defect, reduce rejection, and improve yield, Increase Profits. Reduce development time and cost, Optimize casting process and design, Troubleshoot casting problems in design phase, Improve product quality.

MS Windows based easy to use to provide full 3D and fast graphic using OpenGL. Due to high graphics & calculation speed & accuracy; it helps to predict filling & solidification pattern and each of casting defect.

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