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Hydrogen Measuring Devices

Hydrogen Measuring Devices

Hydrogen in aluminium results in gas porosity, surface failure at surface treatment, hot cracks at thermal treatment, micro explosion at welding, bad mechanical properties, influences the cast ability etc.

The control of hydrogen content is a must for high quality casting and optimized production Hydrogen measurement is based on First Gas Bubble principle of Y. Dardel.

ALUSPEED TESTER One device - four uses: Hydrogen measurement, Sample preparation for Density samples measurement, Drosstest and Straube-Pfeifer test

The Alu Compact is a hydrogen measuring device which distinguishes itself due to its compactness, easy operation and speed. Hydrogen measurement can be completed in less than one minute, CHAPEL portable- the hydrogen content in liquid aluminum can be measured. The "CHAPEL portable is the only device worldwide with which, through a method of direct ascertainment of the hydrogen content, can be continually carried out.

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