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SL 2000 A SG

SL 2000 A SG

SMART LAB consists of 4 - digit 1" LED displays & indicating lamps to show measured & calculated values together with measurement sequences. All the measured & calculated values are stored & displayed by SMART LAB until new measurement begins. An optional dot matrix printer online records all measured & calculated results as well as date , heat no., & time. Any signal input failure such as sensor burnout or early pouring of the melt is automatically recognized by the analyzer. Plateau Detection Technique is used for accurate bath temperature measurement.


Determination of CE, %C, %Si using Smart Carbon cup
Determination of CE , %C after magnesium treatment using smart Carbon Cup-SG
Built in molten metal immersion temperature pyrometer.
Facility to configure for 3 Iron grades ( C.I./ S.G.I./ M.C.I )
On line printing facility using serial port.
Intelligent Self Calibration
Memory for last 20 readings of CE, %C & %Si
Prediction of Tensile strength , BHN & type of microstructure of unalloyed cast iron
Measurement of Eutectic Cell Count & Inoculation Deciding Factor for cast iron.
Prediction of %Nodularity, Nodule Count, Shrinkage Index 
Capable to cover entire range of measurement by thermal analysis
Six windows of 4 - digit one Inch LED displays


Dimensions  375 (W) x 230 (D) x 340 (H)
 Enclosure CRCA fabricated powder coated dust proof cabinet with door.
 Display Six windows having 1" height bright Red LED displays.
Keypad  4 x 4 matrix tactile keypad to suit foundry conditions.
 Accuracy CE = + 0.05, %C = + 0.05, %Si = + 0.10
 Supply Voltage 230VAC + 10%, 50 Hz, 1Ph. ( Optional - 110 VAC )
 Cup Stand Two Set ( SL - 01)
 Compensating Cable K Type for Cup Stand (SL - 03)
R/S Type for Lance (SL - 07)
 Lance One Set (SL - 05)
 Weight 10 Kg.

SL 2000 A SG consists of following items,          
SMART LAB instrument, Two Cup Stand, One Lance,
K - Type Compensating cable (10 Meters X 2 Nos.), R/S -Type Compensating cable (10 Meters).                  

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